ADHD Coach (Catholic)

Motivation can be defined as an individual’s inner state that causes them to behave in a way that ensures the accomplishment of some goal. It’s a set of psychological processes that energize voluntary behavior. It’s the reason for which people exert and expend effort on activities that reward them. (Gualco, 2013).  Notice line 2 and understand that ADHD is a biological disorder that interferes with psychological processes. Treatment allows you an opportunity to overcome some of the issues associated with the symptoms of the disorder. Medication, for some, opens the door and allows you to focus on some things.  Coaching helps to keep you focused on your motivation and a coach that specializes in ADHD does that while educating you about the disorder, understanding your personal way of managing, and developing a way to get there using your management style of the disorder.  The Catholic ADHD coach does that with understanding about your personal values system.  I work with everybody but I especially understand life from a Christian, Catholic perspective.

Gualco, D., (2013) Instructor’s guidance week 1, University of the Rockies