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If mailing please use the email address. I don’t want to publish your personal information as a comment to this page. Please use the email address below and I will send you a response.


Coaching is personal and therefore every client has a method and time that works best for them. Together in prayer we will work out what is good for you. As a default we look at a weekly call for an hour to an hour and a half. Some would rather have a 15 minute call everyday. Our Lord will guide us in what is appropriate for you. The Lord is certainly capable of joining us on the phone and we always invite the Holy Spirit to guide us in our ways.

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  1. Hi My namr is james dougherty and I am 26 and I
    have had. ADHD AND ADD Sinch I was Little.
    I am on meds for it but as I get older I
    some times feel that I flip out out some
    of the stupid little things. I am trying to keep
    come and I take my meds as needed but
    I just wish I could stop takeing my medsanfd
    not flip out at things so easly

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