The Right Therapist

The wonderful thing about ADD is being able to come in and out of conversations and events and not loose track of where you are. Sometimes I can start a conversation from where it was left from a year ago. All of a sudden the synapses connect and I’m right there. Of course usually the person I’m speaking to has no idea where I’m coming from. I have to remind them of the entire conversation and of course they have moved on since that time. I am back and will attempt to blog far more often. I have been coaching but It’s great to write about cool things. This is a link to a great article about what to avoid in a therapist. I have included the end of the story here which is the list of attributes to look for in a therapist. If you do not go to the link or find it too much to read, I hope the short list here helps. What they do not include that I think is important is to pray. Remember to ask our Father for his guidance when choosing our worldly assistance.

* Doesn’t rush
* Makes you comfortable
* Listens to you — really listens, and makes good eye contact
* Gives your concerns weight
* Engages with you as a human being
* Has ideas you respond to
* Gives you confidence in yourself and your abilities

Goals, Goals, Goals

At Catholic ADHD coaching we are very aware of the idea of goals As a person with ADHD I have quite the relationship with this word. I have business goals, personal goals and spiritual goals. Of course I find myself mostly concerned with my spiritual goals these days. What I’m finding is that through the eucahrist we are Christ and he is us. Our primary need is to get out of our own way.

Having ADHD allows us to creatively live this truth. Are my goals in tune with the authentic me that is created by God? I use coaching to help me manage the disconnect between my variably firing synapses and my desire to achieve that which I believe is God’s will for me. I pray for direction and clarity when setting my goals. Is this what I want or is this truly part of God’s plan. I use my medication and disorder management to achieve what God wills and to proudly accept how he made me.

At Catholic ADHD Coach we want to work with our clients to consider the spiritual aspect of our lives. We are the spirit as he dwells within us and uses us as we are to do his will. Treatment allows me to focus so that I can be a good steward, (banking fees truly are a waste), and have clarity throughout the day. However, good day or bad he is constantly with me and when I participate in communion I renew through the sacrament the experience of his true presence.

ADHD and the Bank

So I’m thinking about what to blog today and I realize some things are more important than others. I think when it comes to ADHD that this one is right on top. We ADHD types generally have money issues. Something about impulse and getting the money where it needs to be and on time. This effect can single handedly ruin a marriage. As Catholic Christians with ADHD we also are called to be good stewards and to tithe. This tells me that money is important. That sounds funny to say but we really need to consider what is important and what is not. That way we can structure our activities around the important issues.

Well in order to help me manage affectively I use two tools that I love. First, I bank with a bank that has full online access. This allows me to transfer funds and go look at the balance on a daily basis. I have paid exorbitant fees by not doing this in the past.

Secondly I use This site is run by intuit and they own quicken. I have used quicken online and I have been comfortable with the security so far. Mint downloads the information from your bank when you sign in. It analysis how you are spending money and it’s easy. I go through the transactions when I have time or desire and make sure that the categories are what I expect. For instance my swipe at McDonald’s comes up as fast food and not gas.

These are just a couple of quick ideas to help alleviate the clutter and concentrate on the important things for me while managing my ADHD

AD/HD and Prayer

Prayer and AD/HD. This topic is of great interest to me. We know that focus is in fact a difficult place for us to rest. Prayer takes focus, or does it? What I mean is that our lives are a walk with God. God is within us and every time we partake in the Eucharist we strengthen that communion. That could mean that all we do is prayer. We are always in a conversation with God. My challenge to myself is to constantly remember that. As thoughts come up during the day am I referring to our Lord? All day in the good and bad I thank Christ for whatever the situation. Occasionally this will lead to some Our Fathers or Hail Marys or both. Occasionally it will lead to a rosary or a divine mercy chaplet. However it always leads to the ongoing conversation that I call prayer. The ability to simply listen to and speak with God. As an AD/HD coach I find this approach to be refreshing over the idea of stopping all other activity as God made me who I am and he knows slowing down is akin to not being able to focus on him. In fact when I stop everything and try to pray I have a much more difficult time of it. In adoration or mass I quiet myself in an attempt to actively hear. As an AD/HD coach I encourage you to find your own way that works and share it. This works for me.