AD/HD and Prayer

Prayer and AD/HD. This topic is of great interest to me. We know that focus is in fact a difficult place for us to rest. Prayer takes focus, or does it? What I mean is that our lives are a walk with God. God is within us and every time we partake in the Eucharist we strengthen that communion. That could mean that all we do is prayer. We are always in a conversation with God. My challenge to myself is to constantly remember that. As thoughts come up during the day am I referring to our Lord? All day in the good and bad I thank Christ for whatever the situation. Occasionally this will lead to some Our Fathers or Hail Marys or both. Occasionally it will lead to a rosary or a divine mercy chaplet. However it always leads to the ongoing conversation that I call prayer. The ability to simply listen to and speak with God. As an AD/HD coach I find this approach to be refreshing over the idea of stopping all other activity as God made me who I am and he knows slowing down is akin to not being able to focus on him. In fact when I stop everything and try to pray I have a much more difficult time of it. In adoration or mass I quiet myself in an attempt to actively hear. As an AD/HD coach I encourage you to find your own way that works and share it. This works for me.

Catholic ADHD Coaching

“Your journey encouraged by faith…”

“Life and physical health are precious gifts entrusted to us by God. We must take reasonable care of them, taking into account the need of others and the common good.”

CCC, 2288 pg.610 (1503)

Faith adds a conceptually different understanding to the process of managing ADHD. At the core, the central belief is that you are exactly the way God wanted to create you and the intricacies of your personality have a purpose.

Our thought is, your desire is to do God’s will as you were created. Our belief is that you are who you are supposed to be, at this moment. Catholic ADHD Coaching will encourage you to find ways to achieve results within the confines of a stress-filled, fast-paced, hyper-organized world.