ADHD and Fidget toys

I’m following up to a challenge I made to one of our page followers. After several posts fidget toys for autism liked the post and commented with a link to his or her page. I asked that this be avoided unless some research of the benefit of fidget toys as a benefit to people with ADHD could be known. I am not in to fad therapy for ADHD. Fidget toys for Autism never responded so I looked on my own. As I suspected the only news is anecdotal and based on theory with no actual evidence regarding fidget toys. The upside is according to webmd a couple of small studies have shown that people with ADHD perform better on tasks when tapping with a pen. Therefore theoretically it can’t hurt to try. However, buyer beware. Attitude magazine reminds readers that fidget toys should be quiet, teacher friendly, unobtrusive, and very inexpensive.

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