Stimulus chasing

It’s all just mundane and boring. Do you ever feel that way? It’s how the “norms” live. We have to remember that our drive to be excited all of the time is abnormal. We thrive on adrenalin to compensate for the insufficient or abnormal use of dopamine, and serotonin by our neuro-system. The result is a need to chase stimulus all of the time. How do you stim chase? Some stim chase can be positive however we must be aware of those times where we complicate our lives by feeding the beast. The effect of wrong stim chasing is the failure of whatever the issue. Job changes, affairs, addiction and picking fights with loved ones are all places that stim chasing fails us. The outcome is a blow to our self-esteem. People with ADHD that has been un-managed for any length of time tend to have lower self-esteem than others. Self confidence is not the same as self-esteem instead it’s the general positive feeling of self. Maybe routine and stability are good things just ask a norm. For the rest of us stick to safely executing extreme sports to catch all the stim. you need.

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