Stim Chase warning

Moms and Dads please read my post on Stimulus chasing and now apply it to your adolescent children. If you can remember The A Team when it was first run then you are old enough to remember life without the cell phone, selfies, or the internet. All of the stim. issues I discuss apply even more when adding a dose of out of control hormone spikes to the mixture. Everyday there are new articles about phone abuse being carried out by our youth. I know when a child with ADHD hyper-focus’ that saying no is a battle and I know as parent we have to pick the important battles. Most 6th graders I know (I have an elementary aged child) already carry cell phones. As a parent it is nice to be able to reach our kids and it’s good for them to be able to reach us. What’s important to consider is if the child has ADHD they chase stimulus, lack self control filters, and can get so completely focused on one issue that reasoning no longer exists. That combination could be a recipe for disaster. Some states actively pursue criminal prosecution against minors that exchange inappropriate photos. As innocent as “my” child is one “it’s ok if I do it” can ruin a child’s life. Please monitor cell activity and remember if your child has ADHD he or she is more likely than not to experiment with this stimulating device.

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