Lent and ADHD today

As Lent starts I wax Catholic for a moment. ADHD and Catholicism don’t always work for me. By nature I am not great at redundant schedules and external stimulation is important as a motivator. If the homilist is not reaching me I can’t focus on the message. I am sure I’m not alone and yet sometimes the journey seems lonely. Sometimes my trusted advisors, clergy, are not empathetic to my condition and yet I am compelled to continue as a Christian in the Catholic Church. Simply put, I continue because I believe. I am not alone, the Holy Spirit dwells within me and brings the peace he promises. I am not alone because my Church is alive not dead. I can choose to ask for the intercession of all the Church in communion with the Church past, Church present and Church future. I can engage my active mind by heeding God’s calling to learn about ADHD, as a coach help others, and as a follower help to educate my trusted advisors in faith about how God made my brain. Thank you Lord for your abundant blessings and encouragement as I prepare to celebrate your resurrection.

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