ADHD or just Normal

I had the conversation with my 9 year old that we all dread for the entirety of our ADHD lives. It goes something like this. “I understand that you have ADHD and I understand the behavior that goes along with the symptoms, however…..” That’s where even I had to catch myself. The never ending battle is to determine normal behavior, that needs to be corrected, and what behavior is disorder oriented and can’t be controlled. Remember if it could be controlled then it would not be a disorder. This is challenging to every parent out there. When do I discipline and when do I recognize that those smart sarcastic off the cuff remarks are literally stated due to a lack of ability to filter them out. In my case I recognized the behavior and explained that this would be lifelong challenge that would occasionally cause him grief. I suggested that he always take a deep breath before saying anything and that perhaps that would be enough to grab it before it comes out.

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