ADHD Gadgets/Technology

How do you use technology to help with ADHD symptoms? I have read many articles on the subject and have listened to clients as well as my own experience with gadgets and apps. I have always wished there was a fix it all app that was easy to use and would jump up and remind me when I needed. Like everything else with ADHD, once it’s mastered it becomes boring to continually enter the information in to any system. The good news is in all of successful cases of gadget use that I know, there is a common thread. It seems that the most successful people have a combination of technology and old school that work together. This was once again apparent for me this week. I have had an ongoing project that should have taken about an hour. So far it’s been a month. I was trying to digitize my monthly bill calendar on to an app that would cover reminders as well as allow me to budget. Every app was great but lacked one thing or the other. As I discovered each app that would cover the flaw of the other, I had to set up again as well as decide which categories were carryovers and which I had to recreate. In the end I decided to take my own advice. I use to analyze my habits and trends and use an old fashioned calendar and pencil to forecast my needs. This is what works for me and would not have lost a month if I would just trust in it. I love gadgets that help and it’s part of my job to experiment with tools that assist those with ADHD. One day a little robot personal assistant will follow me around making note of the important things and reminding me of all that is needed or where my keys are. Until then I have a pen. Where is that pen, I thought I left it right here on the desk…..

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