ADHD awareness month

>To start ADHD awareness month, we need to remind ourselves that in fact ADHD is a real mental disorder that inhibits a normal productive life. The diagnostic criteria for ADHD now include guidelines to recognize ADHD in adults. Thus far, ADHD is not known to suddenly appear in adult hood. To be diagnosed with ADHD you must have demonstrated symptoms before the age of six and they must have been present in more than one life setting. It’s not enough to just have been inattentive at school and say oh I have ADHD. The symptoms are chronic and persistent. They don’t just go away however some days are better than others. If this is not you then you may not have ADHD. If this is you it may be that you have ADHD. Go to a doctor that knows ADHD to get a competent diagnosis. It will change your life. God made us all the way he wants us and when we accept who we are he can best use us.

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