More ADHD?

The Catholic ADHD Coach asks are there more cases of ADHD now than before?  The answer is that ADHD should only be diagnosed by a competent provider after a comprehensive evaluation.  When diagnosed in that fashion the normal outcome is estimated at 7% of the population.  Some areas are in at around 10%.  These tend to be suburban, middle class neighborhoods. One assumption is over diagnosis using methods that are less than comprehensive resulting in diagnosis of persons that do well with a small amount of counseling and behavioral or parent behavioral modification.  Rural and less affluent populations are still under served.  I have always stated that everyone has adhd symptoms from time to time.  For those of us with the disorder, our lives are truly affected.  One reason so many have a hard time believing us is because they may have had an ADHD moment or day for us it never goes away. The point here is if you are one of the 7% then get educated and get treatment.  If not then thank God, do some exercise, get started on that project and realize that some of us live with this every single moment of our lives.

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