The Church and Mental Illness (ADHD)

Please take time to read this article. The Catholic church is a wonderful, holy and compassionate body. The Church is actively reaching out and understanding the impact of mental disorders. I found this article to be very enlightening. It does not specifically mention ADHD however there is nothing to suggest that ADHD is not included in the desire to accept mental disorder/illness in a way that includes grace and acceptance of a need for proper treatment including the use of pharmaceuticals. Click anywhere on the excerpt to be taken to the entire article.

Here is an excerpt.

Her mood disorder left her furious at God. Because she was a nun, she kept going to daily Mass and regular prayers, but, she says, “I would sit in the back of the church and glare at the cross. I couldn’t believe for a year that God existed.”
The only way Hermes could pray was to read the second half of the Book of Isaiah, the Book of Consolation. “I read those promises of God,” she says. “I didn’t believe it, and I couldn’t find any joy in it.”

2 Replies to “The Church and Mental Illness (ADHD)”

  1. My grandson who 15 goes to mass with me every Sunday. He has ADHD. He finds it boring but does it for me. I am his guadian ( dad passed away 2007) Mom has nothing to do with him and remarried with 4 new children. He has me and grandpa and sister who is 12.
    He will make his conformation 2013 and i worry because he does this for me. I need a saint that could have had a mental disorder or helps people who has this ADHA. This is one he has to say when he has to put why he is making his conformation. Thank you and God Bless

  2. Saint Dymphna is the patron saint of mental disorders. Luke is the considered the Doctor of the Gospels. I will look deeper and let you know if I come up with anybody for you. God Bless you Linda for being his guardian. Mass is difficult for teens and worse with ADHD. You are blessed for giving him motivation to be in God’s presence. One day he will do it for himself or in your memory. God just asks that we have an open heart.

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