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Where is this motivation? When does it come? Lord says be patient but it is HARD. My son has been battling ADD since he was 4! Luckily his preschool caught it and he’s had all the right tests. Now at 13 we still can’t find what motivates him. He can create a reason for anything so no punishment sticks. Sitting at a table or desk for hours is no problem. Staring into space with a list of chores in front of him is apparently a content way of life. But God bless him – he loves the Lord and is compassionate towards EVERYONE but seems to leave care for himself behind as some sort of extreme example of the Bible’s definition of humility. No longer can I get angry because it only hurts me. I strive to see the positive and continue to pray pray pray wait wait wait. He is in the PERFECT Christian school with a program for kids like him till 12th grade. Just please Lord tell me he won’t be legally old enough to buy the beer at senior prom!

Answer; Catholic ADHD Coach Wow, I will pray with you. For me it’s music. I play the drums and I have since 9. When all else failed I could be motivated with music. God brought me back to The Church on three occasions using music. As a child the punishment most feared was not being able to pursue it. Watch out here comes the ADHD trap. EVEN WHEN WE LOVE SOMETHING we avoid the repetitious nature. We stim chase because we need the rush. Meds. work because they bring chemical balance that we seek. Therefore even though the drums are the most important thing in the world with ADHD I avoid starting to practice. Once practicing I will become hyperfocused but it may take an act of God to get me started. Apply this thinking to being married or long term friend relationships and one begins to see why ADHD becomes a back breaking disorder to have as an adult.

Keep praying and be sure to stay in constant communication at this age. This is a generalization but puberty is sure to bring on many motivators that can get out of control in a hurry.

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