I am known to say that I manage my ADHD in a multi-modal format. I use my medication. I take it on time. It helps to keep me focused and have clarity.

I pray. I wrote about prayer here. I have been blessed in The Sower ministry to belong to part of a telephonic prayer group. We are there to answer the phone 24/7. Whenever I pray I invite the holy spirit to be with us in a demonstrative way.

I work with a coach. Yes the coach needs a coach. This helps me to stay on track and manage the very specific ADHD behavior.

I exercise. I do cardio of many types. I enjoy rock climbing and cardio kickboxing. I mix it up and mostly do it in groups. This keeps me from getting bored. My exercise includes yoga. On the Catholic ADHD Coach page on facebook I was recently challenged. I am re-posting the conversation here so that I might share with all.

Poster: It certainly seems as though you have a well-rounded approach, esp since it is geared to adults, but if I may ask – I thought yoga was frowned upon by the Magisterium as being an Eastern philosophy not in sync with Catholic church teachings?


That is a link that hopefully answers this question. You are correct Eastern philosophy is not in sync with Catholic church teachings. My Haga Yoga (mostly physical movement) instructor does not teach Eastern Philosophy. It would appear based on the link that I sent you and several others there that It’s important to avoid teachings that are self centered. However they suggest in the several links that I read that the physical non-philosophical approach is fine. At the end of my class I always say in the name of Jesus and peace be with you. They have not thrown me out yet.

Me: One more commentary different source, Thanks for you questions. I was not concerned but I’m really very happy to have done the research. I guess I’m blessed that my instructor at the gym is just in to the movement.

Poster: How do you find yoga to be beneficial to dealing with ADD as opposed to other, different exercises? Is it the stretching, the breathing, or something else? Thank you for the links, btw…

Me: The balance postures that are moving really get the pre-frontal cortex going. I do one where I start in a standing position and lift one leg to my hip. Then I sit in a fake chair and then bend down with my arm up and try to touch the floor with the arm that was up in the air. Two to Three times each side. Also the breathing is important. If I do this right before doing some task that is hard to stick to I increase by ability to focus on the task. The social side of the class keeps me going so I learn the technique correctly. All exercise is good, especially cardio but the concentration for yoga helps my head.

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