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I have been asked by a priest and some friends so I have pondered the question of why call myself a Catholic coach. I believe the answer is obvious, I’m catholic. But what does that mean as far as coaching. I do not have an accountant or attorney that starts by saying they are Catholic? Well, perhaps you should. Many advertise in the weekly bulletin that one can take home from mass. In the Los Angeles archdiocese The Tidings is a weekly paper that advertises business that are owned or operated by Catholics. But that still does not answer why.

Here it is. As one with AD/HD, ADD, I have seen many mental health clinicians. Sometimes around marriage and sometimes specifically for ADD. I have found much of their advice to be okay but lacking and even adverse to Catholicism. Before my Mentanoya I was not familiar with the Catacheses of the Catholic Church. I now read it along with the Book of Instructions Before Leaving Earth. AKA God’s word. The Bible. I firmly believe that as a coach I am an advocate to help you live a healthier, happier and more adjusted life. However if my advice to get you there becomes completely worldly then I have failed in the most important aspect. I have led you to jeopardize your eternal life that Our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross to preserve. That’s it. I want to help you manage your AD/HD in a manner that is not at odds with your eternal salvation. I pray everyday for the Holy Spirit to guide me and the intercession of our blessed Mother and all of the Angels and Saints especially Saint Dymphna to guide me in that direction.

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  1. About responsibility and sin: am I responsible if my mental processes lead me to do wrong or to hurt someone, though I had no bad intention or ill will, deliberate choice of laziness, etc. The good Lord knows I have had plenty of experience. My thoughts on this: First, let it be an object lesson in the truth of leaving judgement up to God. Only He can know if someone is really being malicious, selfish, lazy- or doing the best they can. Second, the Evil one- (personally I believe organic and spiritual causes of disfunction are sort of six of one and a-half-a-dozen of the other) whatever you want to call it- takes full advantage of whatever weakness there is, to create destruction. If the next door neighbor runs over your dog, does it matter if they were deliberately being mean, or simply distracted? Only God knows…For me, the way that one can cause pain and suffering through no bad intentions is humbling to say the least. As my mother used to say, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” May God have mercy on the whole world! and Forgive us, for we know not what we do.

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