The Right Therapist

The wonderful thing about ADD is being able to come in and out of conversations and events and not loose track of where you are. Sometimes I can start a conversation from where it was left from a year ago. All of a sudden the synapses connect and I’m right there. Of course usually the person I’m speaking to has no idea where I’m coming from. I have to remind them of the entire conversation and of course they have moved on since that time. I am back and will attempt to blog far more often. I have been coaching but It’s great to write about cool things. This is a link to a great article about what to avoid in a therapist. I have included the end of the story here which is the list of attributes to look for in a therapist. If you do not go to the link or find it too much to read, I hope the short list here helps. What they do not include that I think is important is to pray. Remember to ask our Father for his guidance when choosing our worldly assistance.

* Doesn’t rush
* Makes you comfortable
* Listens to you — really listens, and makes good eye contact
* Gives your concerns weight
* Engages with you as a human being
* Has ideas you respond to
* Gives you confidence in yourself and your abilities

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