ADHD and the Bank

So I’m thinking about what to blog today and I realize some things are more important than others. I think when it comes to ADHD that this one is right on top. We ADHD types generally have money issues. Something about impulse and getting the money where it needs to be and on time. This effect can single handedly ruin a marriage. As Catholic Christians with ADHD we also are called to be good stewards and to tithe. This tells me that money is important. That sounds funny to say but we really need to consider what is important and what is not. That way we can structure our activities around the important issues.

Well in order to help me manage affectively I use two tools that I love. First, I bank with a bank that has full online access. This allows me to transfer funds and go look at the balance on a daily basis. I have paid exorbitant fees by not doing this in the past.

Secondly I use This site is run by intuit and they own quicken. I have used quicken online and I have been comfortable with the security so far. Mint downloads the information from your bank when you sign in. It analysis how you are spending money and it’s easy. I go through the transactions when I have time or desire and make sure that the categories are what I expect. For instance my swipe at McDonald’s comes up as fast food and not gas.

These are just a couple of quick ideas to help alleviate the clutter and concentrate on the important things for me while managing my ADHD

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