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Catholic ADHD Coaching

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"Your journey encouraged by faith..."

"Life and physical health are precious gifts entrusted to us by God. We must take reasonable care of them, taking into account the need of others and the common good."

CCC, 2288 pg.610 (1503)

Faith adds a conceptually different understanding to the process of managing ADHD. At the core, the central belief is that you are exactly the way God wanted to create you and the intricacies of your personality have a purpose.

Our thought is, your desire is to do God's will as you were created. Our belief is that you are who you are supposed to be, at this moment. Catholic ADHD Coaching will encourage you to find ways to achieve results within the confines of a stress-filled, fast-paced, hyper-organized world.

About John

John believes the journeys that Catholic ADHD'ers face can be uniquely addressed by having a coach that is willing to encourage their steps of growth within the beauty and traditions of Catholicism.

Service Oriented

As a past president for the Tujunga chapter of the Lion's Club, John has been a talented and dedicated volunteer leader. Working with the world's largest service organization, John has experience helping communities improve their conditions with integrity and energy.

Dedicated & Committed

Working hard to progress through the ranks of the Boy Scouts of America's advancement process, John earned the highest award offered Eagle Scout and continues with the virtues the BSA is known for. A dedicated volunteer John is committed to God, his country and his fellow man.


As a man of faith and family, John uses his life experience of over 35 years with ADHD to offer a distinctive approach to encourage his clients. Initially diagnosed with ADHD at the age of nine, John has lived with the ups and downs of ADHD life. The father of three children with ADHD, John understands the relational dynamics of families with ADHD and offers sincere, practical encouragement for challenging times.


With a passion for music, John believes that God has blessed us all with special charisms and abilities. As the Word & Worship Leader for the Sower Ministry at St.Frances of Rome Catholic Church in Azusa, CA, John uses his gifting as a drummer to support the band and his ability as a leader to support the parishioners at this dynamic Catholic bible study.

Why John?

Catholic ADHD Coaching offers a conceptually different approach to the process of managing ADHD. Your journey will be encouraged by faith as John offers his talent, devotion, dedication and commitment in a service-oriented way founded on what the Church holds dear.